My shitty job

I have the chance to have three bosses and to work in technical sales. Well sort of, but I can’t tell you exactly what I sell. I’m afraid they’d sack me otherwise and as I haven’t won the lottery yet and so I can’t risk it. One Boss I never see because he is too high up to condescend to come and see the plebes. Send him an email and you’ve got at least 3 weeks before he looks at it and I’m not talking about a reply either. It’s quite a good sign actually if you don’t hear from him because when you see his name coming up on your phone you know it’s rather a bad sign.
The other one is this type of 50 year old guy who can’t accept getting older and thinks he’s got an amazing body. He advertises for free for the brand new Nordic swimming pool because he goes there at 7 before he comes to work and probably secretly hopes to see some of his young female colleagues there in bikini. You should pay attention to these sorts of people, they can be very flattering and charming or just be a nightmare if they finally don’t fancy you in his team any more. I know it because it’s what happened to the person I’m replacing. He pushed her over the edge and she had a break down. I promised myself it wouldn’t happen to me even if he texts me at 9.30pm or on weekends. It’s always kind and thoughtful but it’s always personal and the last time marked a new low as he asked me out for a coffee. I guess it won’t surprise anybody that he is rich, yes, handsome, yes, but first of all, married with children. I got some advice from a lawyer and he said I should reply to him the next time. Hopefully he’ll get fed up after a while especially when I say that it’s a principle of mine not to mix my private and professional life.
In the meantime, I tend to avoid him at the canteen and go to the toilet when he comes by. Luckily he doesn’t work in the same building.
The third boss is a few feet away from my desk and communicates mainly via emails. If you want to have more than 10 minutes of his time you need to book an appointment. The problem is that he is responsible for my integration in the team. But I don’t like him. I don’t really know why. I never felt welcome in his team I guess. I might be paranoid but I think he hopes I’ll go back to teaching.
Why did I come up with this stupid idea to change my career path so late? Is that the 200 pounds salary increase or the mid life crisis? God only knows. Anyway, I left teaching because I wanted to experience real life and what it was to contribute to the economy of my country, to experience a normal schedule and routine. Well I must say, the transition has been quite violent. Extend your working hours from 30 up to 50 hours to start with and deal with colleagues who fight against each other to have the largest turnover and call themselves sharks. Personally I have always preferred dolphins.
I’m not sure what bothers me the most.. not to get any free time any more (which means I’m getting overstressed and fat) or not being able to trust any of my colleagues. Teachers are quite lonely people, they don’t like working as a team, I mean let’s face it, you do this job because you love your subject and want to share that passion. It doesn’t always imply that you like children, teenagers or students. You are the boss in your classroom, you get the opportunity to be listened to (which is nice for people who didn’t experience that as a child) and on the top of that, a secure job with lots of holiday and a nice pension. It sounds amazing but it’s rather exhausting, especially if you teach a perceived secondary subject that only interests yourself and your audience is keener on sending text messages behind your back or strangling each other than on contributing to the lesson.


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