Countdown to freedom

I will miss you my old catholic Church and the view of the Vosges as well. It’s nice to live on the top floor and have the feeling of being above everything.
I feel I could fly and be the Queen of the world and to scream or to make as much noise as I like without anybody hearing me. It’s very rare nowadays to live somewhere that isn’t overlooked by other buildings. Blocks of flats are growing like mushrooms here in Elsass and local women are probably content with family life all the same. Anyway, the clock is showing me it’s quarter to ten as I imagine the pink of your walls, your golden hands and so cute timber framing with your roof pointing skywards are signalling an omen of change and good news for me. Don’t you think?
When you start to become personally attached to a Church I then think you should either start taking anti depressants OR make a big change in your life. I have chosen to do the later and so I am moving. There will be new flatmates with their own problems but at least they will be new problems. I know I have to leave as I can’t stand the sight of my Landlord anymore. Do you want to know why he chucked me out? Well, apparently I am not convivial enough! He expected me to share most mealtimes with him as well as preparing him some nice meals and make conversation too. “Graham”, lets call him that as the name suits him well, is a lonely 47 year old student. You could think of him as a divorced and rather commonplace sort of man who has negotiated with his former employer to retrain as a physiotherapist. (He was in I.T before.) This new role is perfect for him as he is very keen on swing clubs and tantrism and welcomes his female patients to his room.. closing the door firmly as he does so. I’m sure he is very good at his job but also sure he gives ‘extra’ free sessions whenever he can. 😉
Anyway, let’s talk about something else. This criticism of others is going to upset my karma (already very bad otherwise how could you explain that I’m still not married with no children, no permanent job and still no cat??). I must have been horrible in my previous life!!
Luckily I’ve got very good friends around me and my orchids and my teddy bears (but shh don’t tell anybody as this kind of detail makes men run away.. far far away. So it’s our secret, ok?). 

Talking about friends, I am waiting for my best friend here, Alan, a pure Elsassian but open-minded who is so nice to me, a cream of the crop…He is always here when I need him and we get on so well as we share the same interests, but no, no I can hear you, he is not my lover or my boyfriend, he is my friend and a good one. The type of man who really means it when he offers his help to move.
I hope he won’t get a heart attack when he sees the amount of bags
 I’ve got. It looks as if I’m a tramp like the ones you see in the streets carrying all their stuff with them in bags and a shopping trolley.

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